Long established and well respected

Hampdach Dachshunds has been a family run and unique dog showing kennels active in the United Kingdom since the early 1970s, founded by Kathryn and Andrew Bethel as a hobby, and continued under their daughter Clare, Hampdach have made up many champions down the years and countless puppies from them have gone on to win multiple awards and became champions on their own merit the world over.


To all that have had a Hampdach from us, we would love to see your pictures whether fun or as show dogs to commemorate all the hard work Kathryn and Andrew did through the years. With love, research, education from others and still learning no matter how old they were, they started in Australia in the early 70's with a much loved pet - gaining strong friendship on the way and from there on never looked back. Throughout the years, maintaining overseas friends and exchanging bloodlines, when they first came back to England, it wasn't as easy as they expected. But they didn't give up, with their extensive knowledge from Australia and in the UK Kathryn and Andrew managed to establish a well known reputation for their Dachshunds. First and foremost our beloved pets are family, showing and quality breeding followed...

Team Hampdach

Kathryn Bethel

Hampdach Founder

Born in 1947, Kathryn has had a love for animals all her life, and a passion for dogs that she realised when working in her brother's Kennels. After leaving the UK in 1970 and moving to Australia, she met friends who introduced her to dog showing and then on, she pursued a career spanning decades and many awards, including Judge at Crufts International Dog Show.